A platform for success?

10 03 2009

There’s a certain odious and backwards character that springs to mind when Kazakhstan is mentioned, and one who I was at pains not to mention here – certainly not in the introduction at least.


You know the chap I mean, I don’t need to write his name.


But Sacha Baron Cohen’s mankini-clad creation couldn’t be a further misrepresentation of life in Kazakhstan and thanks to its vast natural resources the country, and in particular the capital Astana, is modernising at a frightening pace – they even get the Vicar of Dibley on the telly. Read the rest of this entry »


Up for the Cup?

27 02 2009

If there was any ever doubt that UEFA needs to revamp the format of its cup competitions, then just pick up this morning’s newspapers and peruse the starting line-ups of Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur. After battling through the muddled group stages that required jetting across the continent to reach the knockout phase, both teams have reprioritised at the business end of the season, and Europe’s second best club competition doesn’t rate highly on either teams’ interests. Read the rest of this entry »

Take Five, Sepp

25 02 2009

Sepp Blatter has obviously never been to London Road on a wet and windy Tuesday evening to watch Peterborough United play. If he had, he’d realise 15 minutes is more than ample for anyone to stand on the terraces during halftime as inane announcements crackle over the PA system and a group of 11-year-old girls twirl batons in the air. This week the FIFA president, and football’s most powerful man announced his next plan to “improve” the game: adding an extra five minutes to the quarter of an hour break. How, exactly, will this benefit the game? Read the rest of this entry »